A van Wyck


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Flying High (Working title)
The Patchwork Prince, Book 2
The second installment of The Patchwork Prince series sees Jean Dupont invading London.
Posing as the long-lost cousin of the one man who might have captured his true identity, he delves into Mr Holbrooke's estate.
But his amateur investigation accidentally unearths conspiracies both magical and mundane...
With A Fray of Furies done, the next Patchwork Prince book can finally get off the ground...
But wait! What's this? Re-editing A Clatter of Chains? But why?
Well, because the debut novel is often not a reflection of the writer's later skill. And, since it is the first book in a series, A Clatter of Chains must work really hard to win a reader's approval.
Check back for updates on this project.