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Nothing much happening here at the moment. Check back later...

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It was my first time working with a e-drawing pad. I decided to try putting one of the creatures from The Waking Worlds on a page. This is a Bulkbear (in the Hillmen parlance) or a Great Burrower. Big as a bear, plated like a pangolin, and mean as a star nosed mole.

(I lie: I have no idea how mean those moles are. But I know they look terrifying.)

All in all, I'm quite satisfied. Hopefully, my cartoons will benefit from this newfound speed.

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  • Writer's pictureAndré van Wyck

Crafting a good query letter takes ages: First, find a (hopefully) receptive agent online. Then stalk them. Find out what they like. Shoehorn that into your pitch. (Oh, you're a Slytherin too?) Research their submission guidelines. Rehash all the submission materials you've compiled so far. (What's the difference between a 'blurb' and an 'elevator pitch' anyway?) Craft a witty, professional letter where you brag about your previous successes (none) and don't outright beg for representation.

Send! Repeat, twenty to fifty more times. Now, sit back and wait for the rejections to roll in.

We go through all this, hoping for that ONE agent who will recognize our worth, champion us to the world and launch us into the best-seller list!

Or, at least, so I'm told...

Cartoon author query literary agent
Querying: the uphill battle
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  • Writer's pictureAndré van Wyck

So I've been #amediting my new book, 'A Fray of Furies'. The #firstdraft was a whopping 900 pages! After many terrible tantrums, and tossing all my writing tools from the crib, I got it down to just under 600 pages. Wow! I should take up headshrinking next...

Editing tantrums

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