A van Wyck


Book cover: Stumbling Stoned
The Patchwork Prince
Stumbling Stoned - Book I


State-sponsored drugs in the megaton range. More rice pudding than I could shake a spork at. And a little padded terrarium of my very own.



If you’d told me yesterday that, come morning, I’d be hunted by the police, the mob, the supernatural (and a cat), I’d have laughed in your face. Granted, I’d have laughed in your face regardless (Clozapine gives me the giggles).


Then I’d have gone looking for your flying DeLorean in the nuthouse parking lot.

The term “utterly original” is too weak for this book. While there are existing novels about insane asylums, including ones from the point of view of patients or doctors, this book's additional elements of magic, gangsters, and superpowers gained through pharmaceutical drugs make this feel exceptionally fresh.
The BookLife Prize 2018

A Clatter of Chains (Kindle Cover File).
A Clatter of Chains
The Waking Worlds - Book I

Marco is just another child acolyte in Helia’s Temple, looking forward to the peaceful, scholarly life he would not otherwise have had. He has no idea yet of the political truths of his tiny world or of the violent, expansionist nature of the Empire. Nor does he suspect the deeper secret of his origins, blanked from his mind by his mentor. His innocence and ignorance come under assault when the tide of Imperial ambition drags him along on a diplomatic mission.

Jiminy is the most famous thief in all the Purlian desert cities. At least, he would be if anyone knew he existed. But when his eventual infamy does not turn out to be all that he had hoped, he flees his home, relentlessly pursued by an impossible creature. When circumstances force him to sell his services in return for his safety, he finds himself wondering whether he can steal his way out of his predicament.

The world has slumbered, long out of reach of the evil that once tried to claim it. When it wakes, a long forgotten gamble will play out. And the odds are not in our favor.

A. Van Wyck’s novel is a work of great imagination and the author knows well how to make readers forget about their immediate environment, transported into an exotic world to witness powerful intrigue, political machinations, and a phenomenal conflict.
Divine Zape
Readers' Favorite

A Fray of Furies
The Waking Worlds - Book II


Looking for lost lambs is no job for an assassin. Cold coin keeps Nin scouring the glens and gullies of the Renali Kingdom for Marco's corpse.

She's never had ambitions beyond the Hunt. Now Herald of the Hillmen, Kassika Blackwater must brave the elements to bring dire warnings - and her monstrous charge - to the capital.

Turn and turn-about is fair play when burning a witch. No-one, Peat included, suspected what nightmares might arise from the ashes of her village's folly.

Newly infirm, retirement is not as much fun as Jiminy had hoped. When the Temple offers him the means to resume his thievery, he views the golden opportunity with a jaded eye.

Doors that have long been closed are creaking open. Magic and other malign forces are seeping through the cracks...

Van Wyck's evocative descriptions, multifaceted settings, complex characters, and ability to inject wry humor sets A Fray of Furies apart from staid, predictable stories. This multifarious creation is a sterling example of high(est) fantasy. Very highly recommended for mature teens and adult fantasy fans..
D. Donovan
Snr Reviewer, Midwest Book Review